Oonies starter pack

Alison absolutely loves getting creative but I am awful at crafts so what I look for in a craft product is something fun and innovative yet something that she can do herself. When I first saw Oonies at the Toy Fair in January I wasn’t sure what to think.

We were recently sent the Oonies starter pack which includes the Oonies inflator, 36 pellets, 6 connectors, 18 deco bits, 6 display connectors and 12 eyes.

The thing I love most about Oonies is that you can buy additional refill packs or themed creation packs so the fun can continue after you have used all of the pellets from the starter pack. Although there are quite a few there to get you started.

The Oonies inflator is really easy to use. You place the pellet into the chamber, lock the chamber onto the inflator and use the pump handle to inflate the pellet. There is a gauge on the top of the inflator that shows you how much to inflate the pellets to ensure you don’t over inflate them and pop them. It is worth pointing this out to your child if they are doing this alone as it is not the sort of thing they pay attention to and they just enjoy inflating the pellets. The gauge shows three different sizes which allow you to create different characters.

Creating your characters is really easy. Inflate your Oonies and select the different Deco Bits that will bring your character to life. Use the connectors to connect multiple Oonies together and use the Display connector to stand it up or even stick it to the windows!

The instruction leaflet has a few different designs of characters for you to create but you can also get creative and come up with your own. The leaflet also gives ideas on a variety of games, challenges and activities that you can do with the inflated Oonies.

We definitely recommend this for children aged 5 or over who love getting creative.