Olverum Bath Oil – helping me to relax

As Tired Mummy of Two I get approached a lot to review miracle products that are supposed to help me sleep, destress or relax. As I am not one for all the pampering and fussing I have to admit that most of the time I just say no.  A few weeks ago I received a phone call to discuss working with Olverum. I will admit I had never heard of them before but the company has been around since 1931 and all they make is bath oil. It got me thinking that it had to be pretty good bath oil for it to have survived in the market for nearly 85 years and for it to have such a loyal fan base.

After a long few days walking around toy fair I was aching, stressed out by the amount of work I still had to do and just generally drained  so coming home  to find the Olverum on my desk waiting for me to use it.

Olverum bath oil is quite expensive with a 125ml bottle costing over £20 but you can get 25 baths out of the one bottle as you don’t need to use very much.  I don’t have a bath often as it is easier to shower in our house but when I do it is usually because I really want to relax and the Olverum bath oil certainly made me do that.

Full of natural essential oils including lemon, lavender and juniper among many others it left me feeling calm, relaxed and very sleepy.  Over the years I have tried a variety of aromatherapy bath oils and I have to say that I am really impressed with just how effective this was and it has now got pride of place in my bathroom for those times when I really need it.