Octaspring pillow


When I got asked to review a memory pillow I was extremely sceptical. I have tried to use them before because I spend a fortune on pillows.

I love new pillows and I have to have big bouncy ones. I usually use two and I have to replace them every month or two.

The Octaspring Evolution Memory Pillow takes some getting used to. When you first lay your head on it the pillow is very firm but very quickly it softens and molds to give really comfortable support.

I have used the pillow in bed since I got it but I have also brought it downstairs to use behind my back when I am sat on the sofa working.

Octaspring make a few different types of pillows but I had a good read of the How to choose the right pillow and settled in this one. The Evolution Memory is more like a classic pillow rather than the Evolution and Evolution Plus which has a harder foam rim which is for keeping your head and neck in perfect alignment. As I sleep on my side and need soft pillows I knew that they wouldn’t work for me but this one is perfect.

Unlike other memory foam pillows I have used it is not made of solid foam but is made up of foam springs that allow the pillow to breathe and give a great comfortable support.

I am now a convert but I have to keep fighting my husband for it as he keeps trying to sneak it onto his side of the bed. I have really enjoyed reviewing this pillow and it is certainly helping me to stop being such a Tired Mummy. Now if only the kids would stop waking me up I might have to rename the blog Mummy of Two instead.

We received the pillow for the purpose of this review. My views are my own though and I really do love it.