Looking in the mirror

It has been a long time since I have really looked in the mirror. I tend to avoid it if I can and as we only have a small one in one of the bathrooms it is not that hard.

Last time I really looked in the mirror I didnt like what I saw. It was in September last year, we were in hospital and I was grey looking with messy greasy hair, bags under my keys so big they could hold a weeks worth of clothes and spots from all the crap greasy chocolately food I was having to eat.

You can see why I don’t do it very often can’t you.

Today is week 8 of going to slimming world, I haven’t weighed in yet but I have lost 16.5 lbs so far so hope to have increased that by this evening. I have had my haircut which now means no more ponytails and I actually have to use a hairdryer.

The hairdryer is actually where my problem has come in. We have one mirror, in the bathroom. We have no plugs near our bathroom. So either I blow dry my hair with no mirror or I have to buy one for my bedside table.

I was googling mirror images and saw this which I think is gorgeous. I will go quite nicely with our black leather bed and it even matches my jewellery box. I found it for sale on the Tesco Direct website in the Mirror section. I was also wondering if I should get a full length one too but is that a good idea when you have kids running around?