Num Noms – The recipe for Mischief

Num Noms are a new product by MGA Entertainment that Elizabeth absolutely loves. Now I will be honest and say that as a grown up I don’t get the appeal but seen as they are aimed at kids and my kids love them they are obviously doing their job. We were sent an Ice Cream starter pack with Motorized Nom (RRP £8.99) and two blind pots  with lipbalm Nom (RRP £2.99).

Num Noms currently come in two varieties, Cupcake or Ice cream. The Nums (pictured below) are scented, soft, squishy hollow characters. There are lots of different varietues to collect and they all have different smells.

The Noms (pictured below) come in two different varietys. The Lipgloss Noms are the girls favourite and in series 1 there are 8 to collect. You can also get motorized Noms. You press the bow on the top of its head and it vibrates around the table.
You stack the Nums on top of the Noms to produce different smells and recipes. The leaflets enclosed give you some varieties to try but you can also make up your own.

Using the motorised Noms you can race your Num Noms against each other and there is also a Go-Go Cafe playset available

The literature that comes with it says

A cupful of Cuteness and a sponful of surprise makes Num Noms. To create your own flavur fusion mix a Num and a Nom – it’s the perfect recipe to mischief. Scoop ’em all up!

I still don’t see the appeal of Num Noms but the girls both love them so I can imagine they will be wanting to spend some of their pocket money on them over the coming months.