The new My Fairy Garden Range by Interplay

For the last year I have been working really closely with Interplay helping them with their social media and blogger outreach and seeing all of their new products being developed. One of the ranges that I have been really excited about is the new My Fairy Garden products. As well as the items featured in this post you can also get an indoor Secret Fairy Door with changing seasons wall sticker which has an opening and closing door. However for this post I wanted to show you the outdoor/gardening products that we planted a few weeks ago.

My Fairy Garden

We reviewed the original My Fairy Garden back in 2014 but the new set has a few improvements including a plastic fairy instead of a ceramic one (we dropped ours and her wings broke) and a new improved house that looks fantastic. They have also improved the bowl and added a mouse friend as well as an improved toast stool.
The box has so much in it and all you need to do is add soil to make a fabulous fairy garden.

Fairy Flower Pot

A completely new product is the Fairy Flowerpot. The fairy flowerpot is a plastic flower pot with a separate chamber with a door to store Blossom the flower fairy. The door is easy to open and the compartment is the perfect size for Blossom to stand inside.
The Fairy Flowerpot comes with mustard seeds that are quick to grow which is perfect for the kids to plant. The pot has holes in the bottom which allows it to drain when they over water it but it doesnt have a tray underneath so if you are keeping it indoors you will need to place it on a saucer.

Woodland Fairy Door

The Woodland Fairy Door is a door that opens that can be kept indoors or outdoors. It comes with two spikes that can be placed in the ground and it also comes with 4 wall mounting brackets and sticky fixers so it can be attached to an internal wall. The door comes with Fairy Heather and her squirrel friend and looks fabulous agains a tree, fence or tree stump as well as on a skirting board in your childs bedroom.

Lilypad Gardens

Lilypad gardens takes the fairy flowerpot one step further with this fabulous outdoor or indoor fairy playset. Lilypad gardens comes in three parts – the moat saucer where you can float your lilypads and frog, the fairy house which has a door that turns into a bridge and the large flowerpot on the top which is the perfect place for the sunflower windmill.  We decided to plant flowers in teh pot instead of use the included seeds so we added a small amount of soil and four small flowers.
The top flowerpot is easy to remove to give access to the fairy house which the girls want to create some furniture for to give Fairy Lily a nice home to live in. The flowerpot has drainage holes at the back and there is a channel that allows this to drain in to the moat without flooding Lily’s house. The lily pads and frog in the moat look fantastic and really make the set special.

We absolutely love the My Fairy Garden products and we cant wait to see seeds grow in our flower pot and fairy garden.  Check out the My Fairy Garden Video Advert below.