Num Noms Collector Case #BiggestCollector

Num Noms are one of those things that the kids love yet the parents can’t see why. Elizabeth is crazy about them. She wants to collect all of the different varieties available and every time I think we have them all a new series is released! They have also released the Num Noms Collector Case which is a great way to store some of your favourite Num Noms all in one place.

The Num Noms Collector Case comes includes one scented num and one lip gloss nom as well as 6 name tags and a sheet of stickers. The Connie Confetti Num Noms Collector case can hold over 50 Num Noms if you place Nums on top of all of your Noms.

The Num Noms Collector case allows you to place name tags for the different types of Num Noms you are collecting. You can use the pre-printed sticker labels or create your own which Elizabeth really enjoyed.

I love the fact that the Num Noms Collector case was transparent on one side which means you can see the Num Noms inside.

The Num Noms Collector case is very well made and Elizabeth really loved it but I wish it could hold more Num Noms as we still have lots of them lying around her bedroom. It would be good if there was a bigger storage unit available as obviously her collection is just getting too big.

To coincide with the release of Num Noms Collector case, Num Noms have launched their Biggest Collector competition, a two-month search to find the biggest Num Noms fan in the country. If you think that you have the best collection of Num Noms they would love to see your pictures, all you have to do is share a picture on Facebook and tag Num Noms or email it to showing they why you or your child is such a big fan.