Healthier lunch box ideas with Whitworths Bright Little Nuts #MyAmazingBody

My girls love having a packed lunch for school but the schools packed lunch policy is very strict. There are lots of restrictions in place that mean that we struggle for some of their snacks. I am quite lucky though because my girls eat a really varied amount of food. They will happily fill their lunch box with fruit if I let them. We have been sent some Whitworth’s Bright Little Nuts which make a perfect lunchbox snack and are on a mission to teach kids about their #MyAmazingBody campaign.

As much as my girls do eat healthy snacks they would still choose to eat sweets, chocolate or biscuits if given the chance. I am hoping that by educating them more about how their body works they may be more likely to make good choices in the future. Did you know that Almonds are a good source of protein that is important for muscles and bones, cashews are a great source of phosphorous to aid energy release and Hazelnuts are a source of copper which help your immune system.

The Whitworths Bright Little Nuts come in boxes of five 20g bags. Each box contains 5 cards that feature a range of different facts about how the human bodies work. The Bright Little Nuts are available in three varieties: Mini Cashews, Mini Hazelnuts and Almond Halves. The Bright Little Nut packets are perfect snack size bags. They are great for keeping in my handbag for the kids to have as a snack whilst we are out and about.

The 5 cards that are included in each box contain amazing body facts and games to play. They are great for getting the kids interested in their bodies and how they work. You can also go to to claim a free My Amazing Body wall chart.

My girls both love these Bright Little Nuts. I am happy in the knowledge that they are eating a snack that is good for them whilst learning some awesome facts about their bodies.


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