When it comes to toys there are a lot on the market but when I saw Nestlings at Toy fair back in January I was intrigued Nestlings are interactive characters who give birth to two eggs which contain babies.

Nestlings are suitable for ages five plus and they take 3 AAA batteries that are not included. Inside the box, you get your Nestling num (available in different colours ) a nest, 2x nestling babies in eggs (inside
mum) and an instruction booklet.

The Nestling mum must be played with before she is ready to give birth. She has light-up eyes that show you
how she is feeling and she has a head button, nose button, light up heart and sensors on her feet.

The Nestlings eyes show that she is happy, hungry, upset or sleepy. If she has rainbow eyes she is ready to
give birth. The Nestling mum must be on her nest to give birth.

When your Nestling is ready to give birth, place her on the rest you will hear an egg drop. Open the egg to find a baby nestling. Place the baby nestling against the sensor on the mums foot and they will interact. Place the mum back on the nest so the 2nd baby can be born.

The more you play with the Nestling the more the babies ‘grow’ making them interact more.

You can also play games with Nestling including music mode.

You can reset your Nestling so that they give birth again. To do this, hold the Nestling mum upside down
and push and hold the head and nose buttons for 5 seconds. The door on the bottom will open so you can put the eggs back inside.

For parental peace of mind, there is an off switch at the back.