My Studio Girl Sew-your-own Rescue Pet

When Elizabeth first saw the My Studio Girl sew your own pet rescue dog she loved the look of it but Elizabeth also takes after me in her inability to be bothered to see something through to the end so once she saw just how many pieces she would have to sew together she soon lost interest.

The My Studio Girl Sew your own pet rescue dog is for ages 8 plus and comes with everything you need to create your own rescue pet including the pre cut pieces with stitch holes in them, stuffing, cotton, plastic needles and indepth instructions that also explained the variety of stitches you can use (although you only actually use the one stitch type to make this dog).

The instructions were really easy to follow and the stitch was easy to do too. I know this because I ended up sewing the dog together and if I can do it then a 6 six year old could probably do it (have I mentioned how rubbish I am at crafts?). The set it really cute and the addition of the adoption certificate and collar with pet name labels really added to it.

The material that the dog was made from managed to hold the stitches well and the end product was really cute although I did have to sew the head on again after it came off the first time. In fact sewing the head on was the only bit that was slightly tricky.

The end result is really cute and Elizabeth loves it, I am sure she would love it more if she had made it herself but I would have been waiting a long time for that to happen. I suppose it is time I finally accept that she takes after me and stop trying to entice her to do crafts. It seems even the promise of a new cuddly toy couldn’t get her crafting.

The set would be perfect for craft loving children from around the age of 8 who have the patience needed to finish a project.