Hey, that’s my fish!


We love trying new games in our house so we were very excited to try Hey, that’s my fish.  It was sent to us by Esdevium Games and is in a small box that is suitable for travelling. Inside the box you get 4 sets of 4 penguins in different colours and 60 hexagonal fish tiles featuring either one fish, two fish or three fish. On the reverse of the fish tiles are waves.

To start you need to lay out the tiles as below in rows of 8 then 7 then 8 until you use up all the tiles. You then need to place your penguins on tiles with only one fish. Depending on how many players will dictate how many penguins you have in play.

2 players = 4 penguins each
3 players = 3 penguins each
4 players = 2 penguins each

Penguins can only move in a straight line and can not jump gaps or over other penguins. As you move off a tile you get to collect it and remove it from the board. The aim is to collect the most fish so aim to collect the tiles with the most fish first. If your penguin can’t make a move it is out of the game. Play continues until none of the penguins can make a move.

This is a fast paced strategic game which is easy to play. Setting the tiles up can be time consuming and slightly annoying but you soon get used to doing it which speeds up the process.

We enjoyed playing this as a family and the girls both picked up how to play it easily which allowed them to beat me on just our second game!

We would definitely recommend this game for use at home or when travelling.