My Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy App


If my girls were happy about me getting an iPhone for just one reason then this app would be that reason.

With six mini games and additional story telling puzzles to create the game is lots of fun. With no in game advertising or charges I felt comfortable and safe to leave them to play by themselves.

The game is aimed at children aged 4 to 8 but Alison (aged 3) was perfectly capable of playing it.

The six mini games are each hosted by one of Tatty Puppy’s blue nosed friends.

Blossom’s skip & jump is the hardest and even I need to practice this one as I can’t get very many.

Peanut’s biscuit bake allows you to cut, bake and decorate your own biscuits in the shape of your favourite blue nose friends.

Coco’s Beach Band allows you to be musical and create your own band.

Passion’s magical garden is all about experimenting with colours and flowers.

Binky’s hide ‘n’ seek is a great game where the children have to look around the virtual world by moving the device.

Cottonsocks’ card match is great for building up your memory skills..

Available now on iOS and soon on Android the full game is only £1.99 and is fantastic value for money if only for the amount of quiet time it can give you when the kids are playing.