Monsters University Sulley Mask by SpinMaster


We love Monsters Inc and Monsters University in this house so I knew that the SpinMaster Sulley Mask would be a huge hit.
I love the fact that this mask is not operated by batteries or buttons but by a chin strap. As the wearer talks their chin moves which in turn moves Sulley’s Mouth and eyebrows.

The movement of Sulley’s eyebrows make him very expressive and it is amazing to watch. It is also great to see a mask with no sound effects which allows the children to use their imaginations more and provide their own noises.

The mask is attached using three velcro straps which means it is easy to change between wearers. The mask is completely breathable and seeing through the eyes is really easy although moving around too much may cause you to trip over unseen objects. The mask looks far to big for a child but the back of the mask is just right.

It is fabulous to watch the children turn into Sulley and it has allowed many moments of imaginative play, seeing Sulley doing the cooking in our toy kitchen was one of the best, I just wish I had a photo.