Boom boom balloon


A fantastic balloon popping family game that enables you to keep putting pressure onto a balloon until it goes pop.
Setting up Boom Boom Balloon was really simple and once you got the hang of it then it can be done in seconds.

The aim of the game is to have your go and push in the poles without popping the balloon. Using a dice to tell you how many clicks to listen to you can insert different poles to get to your total. It is a great way of teaching young children number recognition and counting.

Alison was a bit wary the first time we played and didn’t want to push in the poles but after the first balloon went pop she saw how much fun it could be and wanted to go again.

You get 12 balloons in the box and you can then use any balloons for the game or buy a refill pack from Spinmaster which will be available soon.

The game is recommended for players ages 8 and up. Kids that age will be able to pump up the balloons and set it up themselves. Younger children will still be able to play as don’t need a lot of skill to push the rods, so it can provide entertainment for all ages. Balloons are great fun, but they can be dangerous if small pieces are ingested by young kids, so make sure that all popped balloon pieces end up in the bin when finished.

This is a brilliant game but some children may not like the sound of the balloons going boom!