Monster High 2 in 1 Mandala Designer

Elizabeth loves Monster High so when we were sent this Monster High 2 in 1 Mandala Designer by Ravensburger she could not wait to get started.

The pack contains the mandala tray with slots to keep the paper still, a large mandala stencil, a small mandala stencil, an instruction book with design ideas, three coloured pencils and a extra fine tipped black pen.

Using the Mandala designer is really easy. Decide on your design and the the arrows on the tray to help ensure that the images are spaced correctly. The instruction book is really clear and we were able to get started straight away. We used the large stencil to create our first deign but if you wanted to create a small mandala then you just place the small stencil into the hole in the large stencil. We created the design using all three monster high characters, a few of the symbols and the small holes that allow you to draw the circle out line.
I then joined the lines up where there were gaps, although you don’t need to do this and then coloured in our design. I was really impressed with the finished product and would definitely recommend this to any monster high fans out there.
The Monster High 2 in 1 mandala designer set is for age six plus which I think is a fair age based on concentration and skill required. The extra fine pen is needed to create the outlines so I would try to ensure it stayed with the box at all times as a standard biro would not fit through the gaps. If I was to improve one thing about this I would place some more colouring pencils in the box but seen as our house is overflowing with stationary this wasnt really a big issue.