Scooby Doo Phantom Flyer

Got any Scooby Doo fans in your household?  Well if so then the Scooby Doo Phantom Flyer is likely to appeal to their taste.  As you can see, Scooby Doo is holding on for dear life in a hot air balloon-esque flyer.  It comes with a stand that also doubles as a charger (requires 4 X AA batteries), which gives your little ones 4 glorious minutes of energetic child excitement.  It also doubles as a living room deterrent for cats and dogs.

The Scooby Doo Phantom Flyer is quite a similar product to micro helicopters, apart from the lack of a remote control.  You see the Phantom Flyer requires you to control the device by placing your hand underneath it whilst it’s in motion.

One really cool feature is the Phantom Flyers ability to glow in the dark, however, I’m not sure it’s safe for children to be chasing a flyer around a room full of furniture. It’s still looks cool though.  I would however warn parents not to go poking your fingers through the gaps, as the fan blade can hurt.  So make sure that your little ones understand the danger of doing so.  There are plenty of warnings on the packaging to keep the flyer at arm’s length but some people may mistakenly think that the balloon cage it for protection, when really it’s just there for aesthetic purposes.

Whilst I’m not happy about the amount of batteries this thing requires, it’s a small price to pay for the huge entertainment it will bring your Scooby Doo fan.