Microscooter Maxi scooter with accessories

Both Elizabeth and Hubby have had a Microscooter for a while and every time Alison took out her scooter I couldn’t help but notice its inferior quality. I used to think that I would rather spend a small amount and have to get a new one every year but actually its not just the fact that the old one broke, the actual ride quality was compromised so much too.

Lucky for Alison she was given the chance to choose the Micro Scooter of her choice and she selected the Micro Sprite Pirate Scooter. The Micro Sprite blue scooter comes with a fantastic pirate bag and a free bell.

The Micro Sprite scooter is a two wheeled scooter which has an adjustable handle that increases the height and makes it suitable for children from 5 to 12 years.

As soon as she started to scoot I could tell the difference and she was a lot more confident on the new scooter than the old cheap one. Not wanting to miss out I have been joining the girls on the school run using Gaming Daddy of Two’s Micro Bullet Scooter. I am absolutely loving it and I can feel the difference in my leg muscles already.
The girls both love their MicroScooters and we will never go back to a cheap and cheerful scooter after experiencing the quality of these Microscooters. I might have to save to get myself the Adult Micro flex air which is suitable for multi terrains which would make the ride even more comfortable when going down the dirt tracks near the girls school.