Marvel Captain America Civil War Scope Vision Helmet by Hasbro

Both Alison and Elizabeth love dressing up and I knew that they would enjoy the new Captain America Civil War Scope Vision Helmet by Hasbro. The helmet takes 3 LR44 batteries which are included which means it works straight out of the box. The main helmet is made from a rugged plastic and only the is moulded with the back made up of straps to keep it in place. This means that it can be made to fit better and was easy to adjust.

The Scope vision target viewer can be easily moved up or down to cover the eye or be placed at the top of the head.

The scope vision target viewer has a light in it that lights up in three different colours. Now this doesnt really have any impact on what you see whilst wearing the helmet during the day but we did find that if you wore it and the room was darker then you could see the colour a lot clearer.
The other great feature of the helmet was the dart launcher. You get two darts with the helmet. The top dart can be fired by pressing the small red button and shoots out a couple of metres. The bottom whole is just to store a dart until you can place it in the top whole.
The girls have both had great fun playing with the Captain America Civil War Scope Vision Helmet and it would look great with a Captain America costume too.