StikBots – easy to create stop motion animation

I first came across Stikbots back in January at the Toy Fair and I have to say I was immediately impressed with them. Stikbots are plastic figures that are easily posed using the suckers on their hands and feet and the elastic running through them. The joints are made in such a way that they stay in position and can be made to pose in all sorts of crazy ways. Stikbots are available in individual packs or as part of the stikbot studio which contains two stikbots and a phone stand which helps when creating the stop motion films.
To use Stikbots you need to download the free app which is available for iOS and Android. The app allows you to create your own movies, take pictures and also use a green screen to transport your stikbots to different places. I wasnt very good at setting the green screen (as you can see below) and only managed to get it to work with the pink Stikbot as the blue and green ones just disappeared into the backgrounds.
Making the Stikbot animation was really simple (although I wish I had to studio so my phone was kept still). You take an image and then use the shadow of that image to move your stikbot to its next position. Once you have a working animation you can then add music and sound effects on the app to product something like this.
We have had great fun with the Stikbots and the app and the girls keep stealing my phone to do another animation so I really need to put the app on to their ipads. If you have a kid that loves technology then they might love Stikbots and as they are only around £5 each it is a fun and affordable way to get creative.