Mardles stories that come to life

Mardles stories that come to life are great books that come to life with the use of the free to download Mardles app. Featuring fun colourful characters and a great rhyming text that each has a special lesson to be learned.

The five books that I was sent are Stanley the seahorse, the copycat parrot, Don’t be afraid little snail, The egg that couldn’t wait and The cow that says “how?”. You can buy the books in a set of 5 or individually.

The Mardles stories that come to life have bright colourful illustrations on every page and on some pages you will find a magic wand symbol. If you use the app on these pages then the illustrations leap off the page.

Using AR you are able to interact with the characters from the stories in a fun way. You can tap on the various elements on the page from the animal characters to the trees and toadstools. They move and respond to your touch in a variety of different ways.

Using AR to bring the stories to life is a great way of engaging children who may need a little bit more encouragement to read. However, it is also lots of fun for kids who do love reading as well. Each of the AR pages helps to highlight the story and gives the characters more personality.

Mardles is available in sticker and mask form as well so it is definitely worth checking out their website for more gifting ideas. I love how easy it is to use the app but that all of the Mardles products are also great without the added AR feature which means you don’t need to use technology to enjoy them.