Magnetic building fun with Magformers

When we were at Digital Kids Show a few weeks ago my kids were attracted to the Magformers stand where they spent ages building some fabulous sculptures using the variety of magnetic shapes. They were really excited when we were asked if we would like some to review and Alison has been bugging me ever since to get it out and let her play with it.


We were given two Magformers 26 piece standard sets which each contained 8 triangles and 18 squares. Each box also contained a booklet with a variety of builds that we could create and some that need more pieces. There are a huge variety of sets available on the Magformers website including vehicles, different habitats and a variety of different coloured pieces. You can also get some solid pieces as well.


We love toys that increase creativity and Magformers are one of those toys that fit into the STEM part of education play really easily. These well made plastic shapes include neodymium magnets which are held within the edges of each Magformers piece and mean that the Magformers connect to each other and don’t repel like normal magnets would.

My girls really enjoyed these sets and although I thought they might be a bit old for a product like this, they spent ages building with it and asked if we could get more so they could build some more complex structures. The website has so many amazing sets that I wouldn’t even know where to start to choose the new set.