Lumie BodyClock #TMOTXmasTombola

This review is for a product that you can currently win in my Christmas Tombola which makes it extra special. I have been using the Lumie BodyClock Starter 30 for the last four weeks and I am absolutely amazed with  how easy I am finding it to wake up in the morning with its help. Each morning the alarm is set for 7:30 and each morning I am awake without feeling that tired by 7:15. We don’t even use the alarm tone to wake up anymore as the light wakes us up easily and makes us feel refreshed.
The Lumie Bodyclock Starter also has the option for a 30 minute sunset to help you fall asleep. We haven’t used the sunset feature yet but I can imagine that it will be useful during the summer months when we need to trick out bodies into going to sleep when it is still light outside.

I really can’t recommend this alarm clock enough, it allows me to wake up for the school run feeling refreshed whilst still being able to work until late in the evening!

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