Two stone lost with Slimming World with a bit of extra help

At the end of August I wrote a post about how I had been taking XLS Medical Max Strength for the previous 12 weeks and how it had helped to  to lose one and a half stone alongside the Slimming World diet. Unfortunately, I had then run out and it took a few weeks before I got some more. 

Now after another 30 days on the tablets I am happy to report that I have received my two stone award. Some people have asked me why I am taking slimming tablets and following Slimming World and I suppose that it is down to each persons outlook. I have tried and failed at Slimming World many times over the last 6 years and mostly that was down to the fact that my life got in the way or a gain on the scales put me off returning. Now with the help of XLS Medical Max Strength I am more in control. In my line of work I could be eating out a few times a week and constantly in service stations but I now know that a few slip ups during the week doesn’t have to mean a huge disaster on the scales and because of this mentality I am more likely to pull back any weight gain by making more sensible choices for the rest of the week. I have also noticed a change in the way I am thinking when I am ordering food. Sometimes I give in but most of the time I think clearly about what I want and make the right choice which is something I would never have done before.

XLS keeps me on track and keeps me focused whilst still allowing me to live my life and I am hoping that between now and Christmas I can lose another stone to give myself the best Christmas present ever, and weigh less than I have in 8 years!

There may be obstacles in my way but with careful planning, a whole load of willpower and the help of XLS Medical Max Strength I will continue on this journey.

In September last year I wrote a post about being fed up of feeling fat. I then joined Weight Watchers and failed yet again. This time I know that what I am doing is working, the combination I am doing is working and although the tablets are expensive for me they are worth it as combined with the support of my Slimming World group and the structure of the Slimming World plan (that I follow most of the time) I am finally getting there.

ps. I drew this picture last year, maybe this is the year it comes true? 

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