Little Tykes Big Adventures Construction Peak Rail & Road


As the most popular item in my tombola at the moment I thought it was about time I gave you some more information about the Little Tykes Big Adventure Construction Peak Rail & Road.

Apart from the fact that it comes in a HUGE box and it actually completely fills the box when dismantled, which was a bit scary when I first tipped it out, it is really easy to put together and the instructions were really easy to follow.

With lots of moving parts and a train with two carts as well as a truck Alison found lots of things to inspire her imagination. Daddy particulary enjoyed playing with the crane whilst Alison loved pushing the truck down the mountain tunnel. This does take up a lot of room and we did have to clear away all our other toys just to have room to play with this but that didnt seem to matter to the girls as they spent an awful long time with just this one toy.

Even after we put it away they requested it out again and again.

The girls love this and they do play with it a lot but as I mentioned it is very big so if space is an issue you might want to think twice but if you its not then this is a brilliant toy for girls and boys, young and old.

Little Tykes gave us this for the purpose of the review.