Warning: contains sexual content No Under 18’s

Ok so before you get too excited can I just ask that you stop reading this. Yes that means you Mum. Oh and any other family members. This post is not for you and I promise there is nothing here that will interest you.

Hello, you still here?

Right, now that they have buggered off I have something to share with you. Something sexy, something fun and something charitable. Yes those three things really can go together. Well they can now thanks to the Family Planning Association.

I am talking about a new site called Desire and Pleasure. Its an online site that sells grown up pleasure enhancement items. Ok you get it, it sells vibrators, butt plugs and anal beads. There is absolutely no point me trying to be classy now is there.

Now I haven’t received anything for writing this post, well not yet anyway and the reason for this is because I have been told I can spend some money on the site, not just for me but for one/some of my readers too. Yes I am having a SEX TOY Competition!!! However I have a problem. Not only do I not know what to choose for me let alone for the competition but the PR person involved in this is a MAN!!!  Can you imagine the email?

Dear Mr PR Man

I would love to receive a Bound to Tease Heart Leather Paddle, some Love Cuff Leopard handcuffs and a Nookii Toy Slap and Tickle set.

Eagerly awaiting

(Soon to be even more) Tired Mummy of Two

Umm what he would be thinking!!

The site is actually a lot more pleasant than other sites I have seen, not that I look at them obviously, it was all a mistake honestly, Shit is my Mum still reading this????

So whilst I struggle with the idea of choosing a lovely present for myself (or for hubby) that I feel comfortable actually emailing to the poor PR guy who has had not just me but Mammasaurus giggling away at his emails about linking for pleasure and dry press releases, I want you to decide what you would choose from the site if you could win anything under £50.

I was thinking A Bed of Roses Set, or a Naughty Weekender Set maybe even a Romantic Massage Kit or if you are a 50 shades lover why not a Vanilla Bondage set?

Not only does all the profits go toward the Family Planning Association but it has also taken the time to remove all vulgar names and descriptions of the products which takes out the sordidness of buying these erotic accessories. Desire and Pleasure also links direct to the FPA website which contains lots of information and advice which is obviously helpful for a first time buyer.

So whilst I go and browse some more why don’t you have a look too and then comment below on what you would choose to win.