Lego Blogger Family Box – Lego Movie and DC Superheroes

We recently received our first Lego Blogger Family Box for 2014, which contained sets from Lego City (for hubby), Lego Hero Factory, Lego Friends (for Elizabeth), Lego DC Super Heroes (for Alison) and The Lego Movie (one for everyone).

 Not that we specifically requested these sets, we were just fortunate enough to find all the family’s favourites.  Hubby loves the Lego City range ever since he got into Lego City Undercover on his Wii U and Elizabeth’s favourite is Lego Friends because it’s all pink and girly.  Alison is really into super heroes at the moment, especially Batman, so this was the perfect set for her.  Also, everyone in our household is really into The Lego Movie at the moment, so much so that we’ve just bought the official soundtrack for our frequent car journeys.
The Lego Batman/Penguin Face Off set is nice little project for any young DC super hero fan.  The box only contains 136 pieces, so we found that Alison was able to follow the instructions by herself when building.  The only times she asked for parental help was clipping together the little fiddly bits.  In the end though she was thoroughly made up with the final creation, the highlight being Penguin’s duck pedalo, which is very reminiscent of Tim Burton’s version of Penguin in Batman Returns.
The Lego Movie Ice Cream Machine may look daunting, which is understandable given the randomness of the vehicle pictured on the box, but we live in a world where Lego instructions are easy to follow.  My only concern is that once you have built such a machine, you feel the need to ensure that it doesn’t fall from a great height and cause many little Lego pieces to spill across the living room floor.  The unique feature of most of the Lego Movie sets is the ability to create two different vehicles from the same pieces.  Unfortunately, Hubby built the Ice Cream van before the flying machine and didn’t have the heart to dismantle his creation. Personally I think the Flying Ice Cream Machine looks pretty awesome!
We have yet to investigate the other sets we received but the joy of being a Lego Family Blogger is receiving lots of new sets and we look forward to seeing what Lego have in store for us next. In the mean time