National stationery week, why not write a note?

When I woke up on Sunday morning I was really disappointed, it seemed that Mothers day had been forgotten in my house.

As I entered the kitchen I found a fabulous new mug with a Post-It attached.
I had to make my own breakfast but I think it was a ruse so I would open the kitchen cupboards because inside I saw this box of Hotel chocolat dark chocolates, my favourite! Elizabeth knows me so well. She said that she chose them, this girl is going to go far in life!

Best Mum written by Elizabeth

Next up it was time to get showered and dressed. In the shower I found another little gift from Alison.

I love Mum written by Alison

The best was yet to come and this one is definitely from Hubby.  I love the fact that he knows my favourite wine even though I buy random ones when they are on offer.
Finding all my gifts with little personalised Post-It notes on really did make it a happy mothers day and I loved the fact that they had each chosen their favourite Post-It to write on.

With so many different colours and shapes, the Post-it® Brand from 3M is perfect for adding personality, emotion and individuality to your handwritten notes. I have sent off a special note to be analysed that I wrote to Gaming Daddy of Two and I look forward to telling you more about that in the next few weeks.

Its national stationery week so I have given the rest of the Post-It notes to the girls as they seem to love writing and drawing on them and sticking them all over the house. I will let you know what my house looks like next week.