Kids in the Kitchen kits from Fudge Kitchen

We received this fabulous Fudge Kitchen – Kids in the kitchen fudge making kit. The kit contains all of the tools needed to make our own fudge at home. With three fun recipes and ingredients already measured out and ideal for kids to help make it would be a beautiful gift for someone you really want to impress the Home Kit is ideal for foodies, gourmets and those tricky people who have everything!

Inside the box

Instruction booklet, how-to guides, sugar thermometer, two fudge making tools, raw ingredients, decorating inclusions and a piping bag. All we had to do was add whipping or soya cream. Makes one batch of each delicious flavour, total 1kg of fudge.

With the Kids in the Kitchen kit you can make these three fabulous fudge loafs:

  • Double Chocolate Explosion
  • Rocky Road
  • Vanilla Rainbow

We didn’t actually do this with the kids as they couldn’t be bothered which is just typical but really I would suggest that this is for older children as you are dealing with hot sugar and quite a fiddly procedure that needs to be done correctly to ensure that the fudge works.

We actually failed the first time round as the work surface was too cold but using the instructions we reheated the mixture and eventually we managed to get it to look like this.
It is definitely not the neatest or tastiest fudge we have ever had and certainly not the easiest to make but with a bit of practice I think that this could be a great way of making fudge to give as gifts. I will try again with the other two packets and hopefully they will come out better. The fudge kits do look good and would make great gifts for Foodies or people who are more adventurous in the kitchen as for me I think I will continue to make fudge the easier way and leave it to set in a tray and cut it into squares rather than trying to form a loaf out of it.