Barbie Malibu House

We were sent the Barbie Malibu dream house. This is the second Barbie dream house we have had after last year getting the larger Dreamhouse playset. This two-story home features details that will be recognisable from the Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse web series.

It was fairly easy to put together although the instructions were a bit difficult to fathom with a bit of common sense, a lot of scratching of the head and a few glances at the picture on the box we managed to put it all together in about an hour.

It is a great size for kids to play with, not too big that it takes up your whole house but not too small that the full size dolls look silly in the rooms. It comes with a kitchen, living room, entrance foyer, bathroom, bedroom and a tv room as well as the large staircase with aquarium pillar.
A bedroom has a large bed with two pillows and a soft blanket but if you lift the bed up and clip it into place you get access to a closet and shower. A great space saving feature that works really well.
There are two really good features, the stairs have a pulley system which allows you to make your dolls “walk” up the stairs which looks great and the TV room upstairs has a holder where kids can place a smartphone (obviously not included) and it will act as a mini-TV. Take the smartphone out and the dolls can watch a pretend TV as well.
One of the best features of this dream house as a grown up is the fact it can fold away. Clip up the bed and raise the bedroom floor and then fol in the sides to create a lovely compact Barbie dream house that should fit in any bedroom.

Barbie Malibu Dream House includes the house, bed/closet and shower, vanity, dining table, two chairs, sofa, coffee table, translucent chair and additional accessories themed for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Dolls not included.