Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 Carseat – a Car seat for all ages

Being a childminder this seat is perfect for me, it fits my youngest mindee (20 months) all the way up to the eldest who is 5.

The best part of this car seat for me is the one handed height and width adjuster but the ability to have this in a snooze position is also a big benefit for long trips like the ones we do down to Butlin’s.

The kids absolutely love the Impact shield and it does prevent little escapees from slipping out of there arm straps which seems to happen a lot. There is a fight over who gets to sit in this seat every time we get in the car and to me that doesn’t really matter because with one hand i can change it to be the right height and off we go.

We have had so many comments about this car seat and I cant wait to see what it is like as the kids get older. It seems to adapt so well and with all the brilliant safety features I know that if we have a crash then the kids will be safe. Just need to get another 5 now so all the kids are safe.

I would list all the features for you but actually the website does a lot better job than I ever could at explaining them all and to be honest I think you will be suitably impressed already. If you want to know more about the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 or any of the other Kiddy car seats go to this website here for more information.