Britmums, Butlins, Booze and Boobs

Well what a weekend, was it really only a Friday and Saturday? For those of you who saw me on Saturday I can only apologise for my hungover state and I really do hope I wasn’t as bad as I remember.

Britmums live started in the best possible way for me with an impromptu stop at the pub after I ran into the lovely Northern Mum we were soon followed by others including the BIB award winning Hello Its Gemma.

As soon as I entered Britmums Live I decided to head straight to the Hub where I looked for the Butlins stall, as my sponsor I thought I had better make that my first port of call. I actually managed to stay there for most of the two days, telling everyone who passed how great Butlins is and hopefully convincing a few people to change there mind and give it a go. I know I collected a lot of business cards and application forms so I am glad I am not part of the Butlins team choosing the Mum ambassadors. With so many lovely blogs and bloggers out there it will be so hard to choose from you all but good luck to everyone who applied. I know 20 of us will be very happy to receive the free holiday so fingers crossed.

So I didnt get to see as many sessions as I would have like but I did manage to see the semi naked men and drink a lot of their wine, before heading to the pub to drink even more. That was why I was not as perky or as chatty on the Saturday, I was very hungover. If I had been at home there is no way I would have surfaced till at least midday and probably later. Thanks to everyone who gave me sympathy that I really didn’t deserve it was very much appreciated.

Overall I had a great time chatting to everyone one on the Butlins stall and making my way around the hub talking to some amazing companies and Pr professionals and my husbands jaw dropped when he saw the amount of swag I returned home with, in fact I had so much I have no idea how I managed to carry it all from London to Manchester.

Oh and the boobs well I found this picture of me that was tweeted by a once dear friend of mine who may find herself crossed off the christmas card list . . .  you know who you are.