Star Wars Force Link 2.0 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Vehicle by Hasbro

The Millennium Falcon from my childhood is a grey rust bucket that looks as though it shouldn’t even be able to fly anymore. Well the new Solo: A Star Wars Story shows a much younger Millenium Falcon. In fact, it features the Millennium Falcon in its prime when it was able to do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. We were sent the Star Wars Force Link 2.0 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Vehicle by Hasbro which includes lights, sounds, vibrations and some break off pieces.

The Kessel Run Millennium Falcon  Escape pod and the accompanying Han Solo (in Kessel Run clothing) are compatible with the Force Link 2.0 which is available separately.

When you open the box there are a few parts that are separate from the main toy. These are the blast off panels, the escape pod, coaxium containers, satellite, cannon and Han Solo figure. You also get a sheet of stickers to add details (my pet hate!)

When you put it all together you get a clean looking Kessel Run Millennium Falcon with hidden smugglers hatches.

The Millennium Falcon escape pod sits at the front of the aircraft in between the two prongs that we recognise from the films set at a later date. The Escape Pod works with the Force Link 2.0 to produce flying sounds and battle sounds. It can also store the coaxium containers and the Han Solo figure. The Han Solo figure also works with the force link to produce battle sounds and various other noises associated with the movie.

As well as the Escape Pod, the Han Solo figure can also be placed in the cockpit. I wasn’t sure how to do this at first but the steering column lifts up to allow you to gain access to the seat.

All of this is really cool but the best bits are the special effects. There are three main buttons on the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon. One underneath which activates when you lift the Millennium Falcon off the floor or table. This produces take off sounds. You can then move the Millennium Falcon from left to right to activate flight sounds and land it (place it on a surface) for landing sounds.

On either side of the Millennium Falcon, you will find buttons (as shown below). The button on the left activates battle sounds when pressed or missile sounds when you press and hold it

The button on the right activates the Hyperdrive. When pressed once it produces lights and sounds, when pressed twice it produces lights, sounds and rumble effects and when pressed three times it produces lights, sounds, rumble effects and the blast off panels fall off.

The Kessel Run Millennium Falcon is a great toy with lots of fun elements that Alison loves and it has really made her want to come and watch Solo: A Star Wars story with me.


It is recommended for ages 4 plus and needs 3 AA batteries which are included.