Easy ways to brighten up a dull children’s bedroom

It’s always fun redecorating any room in the home. If you have a little one, decorating their bedroom can be particularly exciting as it gives you a chance to really get creative! You’d be unlikely to use bright block colours or teddy bear cushions in your living room, so your child’s room gives you the perfect chance to experiment. If your child’s room is looking a little dull and you’re keen to give it a fun makeover, take a look at these easy ways to brighten up their bedroom.

Add some colour

When it comes to child’s rooms, it can be tempting to steer towards either pink, blue or a neutral colour. To keep things interesting, go for brighter colours that will breathe new life into the space. Colours that are great for kids rooms include yellow, orange and lilac. If you don’t want the room to be too overpowering in terms of colour, consider combining coloured walls with a white wall or two for a fresh and minimal look.

Get some funky furniture

There are so many great options out there for kids furniture that are perfect for brightening up their room. Kids themed beds from Children’s Bed Shop are a great way to instantly introduce a fun element to the room that your child will love. You can even get matching themed desks and other furniture to add to the feel. If you want to upcycle existing furniture, consider painting some playful patterns onto wardrobes, bedside tables and other wooden pieces.

Encourage their creativity

If your child loves to draw and create art, think about making a display of their work on a wall in the room. This is a cheap and easy way to brighten the space while also giving the room a more personal touch. Consider even setting up an art station for your little one to practice their hobby – just make sure to protect your carpets or floors from splashes of paint!

Let the light in

Lastly, if your child’s room is looking dull, it may simply be down to the lighting in the room. Let more natural light into the bedroom by removing blinds and replacing heavy curtains with something sheerer that still maintains privacy. For nighttime, avoid lighting that looks too harsh and unnatural, instead opting for calming glows of light that will compliment the decor and give the room a cosy feel. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to seek out some quirky lighting ideas to match the decor!

Do you have any tips or ideas of your own that can transform a child’s room?