Jellies Quilts

Do you remember growing up and your grandma’ bed would have a lovely patchwork quilt on it? Not just me then?

I have been trying for years to find some kind of bedspread that would be great on its own in Summer and a perfect throw over in winter but they ones I did find just didn’t really excite me. Make from scratchy material or just plain boring to look at I wanted something more so I turned to my family and the biggest surprise of them all was that my Aunty actually makes and sells them! here’s her Etsy store

She is currently making two quilts for my girls but it was so hard to choose a design, just look at some of these gorgeous ones.

All her quilts are made to order so they can be really personalised, she is using the girls favourite colours (pink and green) and even including a aah ahh (monkey) on Elizabeth’s and a cow on Alison’s so that in years to come they will be reminded of their childhood comforters. These Quilts are timeless pieces that will be treasured forever.

I have a Jellies Quilts Cot Quilt up for grabs in my tombola and I thought you might like to see some more details of it because it is fabulous.