Hot Wires – Fun and Educational

When I was at Toy Fair looking at the John Adams stand I came across Hot Wires. Now Hot Wires is for ages 8 plus but I knew it would be something that both of my daughters would enjoy so decided that with adult supervision it would still be perfect.
Hot Wires allows you to create electrical circuits that spin fans, light lights and make noises along with over 100 experiments to try. In fact there are 112 experiments in the included book but you could also make your own too.
I love the way the box is laid our and underneath the plastic insert you can see pictures of each of the components so you always know where to put the bits back in the box. All of the pieces connect together with snap fasteners and the set comes with a clear plastic base tray which you use to place your circuit .
The set needs 4 AA batteries and then you are ready to go. We started with a simple fan circuit which the girls loved and we saw how reversing the current made the fan turn the other way which they found really interesting. It wasn’t long before they moved on to more complicated circuits.
The girls really enjoyed using Hot Wires and have spent a long time testing different circuits and seeing how it works. I would definitely recommend getting this if your kids are intrigued in experimenting just don’t tell them  it is educational!