Holistic silk lavender eye pillow

Research carried out last year by Silent Night found that 75% of adults are not getting a good enough nights sleep. This year they are performing a survey to find out if sleep accessories, apps or products can help you sleep any better.

They sent me a Holistic silk lavender eye pillow to try out after I answered some questions about my sleep patterns. Apparently they are used to block out the light, induce sleep and to silence mind chatter all of which I definite needed.

The smell of lavender is said to induce relaxation and reduce stress. I have to say it smells fantastic and the pressure of it on my eyes is very soothing.

Having used the eye pillow for the last week just when I was ready to go to sleep I have found that I have been able to fall asleep quicker than previous nights. Although if you add in the stress of being in the hospital this week plus the late nights then you could put it down to that or the comfy memory foam bed I had to sleep on in the hospital.

The pillow was also really useful when I had a headache on Monday, a quick nap during the day with the pillow over my eyes got rid of it and without the need of tablets too.

I don’t think this week has been the best week to test to see if this is truly beneficial but I will keep using it to see if it really has made a difference to my sleep habits.  I might also use the Marks and Spencers vouchers I received for doing this review to buy some new pillows and a new duvet to make my bed even more comfortable.