Its my birthday

Today I turn 29. One more year till the big Three Zero. I am not sure where I thought I would be at this stage in my life when I was younger but I am pretty sure it wasn’t being a stay at home carer for a daughter with cancer and someone who spills her life all over the internet.

I remember my first meeting with the internet. Yahoo chat rooms and Lycos search engines. Do you remember Lycos? It had a black Labrador as its mascot. That Labrador was cute.

I remember what a/s/l means.

I remember doing my homework using Find out More which was a collectable encyclopedia that you got each week from the newsagents. I remember trying to write a paper on Egyptians and having to wait for the next installment to be able to finish it.

I remember when wanting to read a book meant a trip to the library and putting your name on a waiting list.

I remember asking Jeeves lots of questions he could never actually answer.

I remember taping cassettes off the top 40 on the radio.

I remember having a walk man.

I remember the start of Girl Power

I remember the cloning of Dolly the sheep

I remember the birth and death of mini discs.

I remember when DVD’s first came out.

I remember watching Lion King in the cinema.

I remember seeing the fire in Windsor Castle from our house.

I remember the death of Princess Diana and the columbine massacre.

I remember when Liverpool used to be good at football.

I remember when Amazon just sold books.

I owned a pager and a mobile phone that wouldn’t fit in my pocket.

I remember the dial tone from a 56k modem.

I can’t however remember what it felt like to be a teenager.

Some say life begins at thirty.

My one birthday wish is to know how I can stop the next year from going as quickly as this one. I am not that desperate to get to 18th April 2014.