Halloween and Bonfire treats from GobStopper


Nothing says Bonfire night to me like Treacle toffee and Cinder toffee add in a few jelly babies for Halloween and this small jar had everyone I would need to keep my sweet tooth happy.

I love Cinder Toffee and the bits included in this jar were perfectly crunchy with a great layer of chocolate. I have found over the years that I have become more disappointed each time I tried Cinder Toffee as the honeycomb was chewy or the chocolate was thin or of poor quality. Thankfully this was not the case with The Gob Stopper jar and after I had crunched my way through all of the Cinder Toffee in the jar I moved on to the Treacle Toffee.

The Treacle toffee (pictured in the white wrapper) was very sticky and was hard to remove from the wrappers at times but it tasted good and wasn’t too strong so even Alison tried and liked them.

Unfortunately I am not a lover of Jelly Babies, well unless you only give me the black and red ones but the girls were happy to oblige and eat them all for me. They were the old style ones that had the sweet floury type coating on them.

We loved receiving this special treat jar from The Gob Stopper and we have kept the jar to reuse for another purpose. We were sent a Small click and mix jar.