Santa’s rooftop scramble game by Ravensburger


Its just over 8 weeks until Christmas and we are already getting in the mood. Family games are always an important part of Christmas for us and lots of my childhood memories feature our family sat around on christmas afternoon playing a board game that one of us received that morning.

Ravensburger sent us the Santa’s rooftop scramble game earlier this month and I think it is the perfect family game. Although the instructions look complicated to begin with the girls soon got the hang of the game (before Hubby did) and they enjoyed delivering the presents through the rooftop slots.

The game consists of a compass/spinner that helps you collect the presents you need and three cards. The surprise cards, transport cards and the lost letter cards. Each of the cards allow you to move around the board and deliver the presents to the children in time for Christmas. The winner is the person who delivers all of their presents first.

The girls both loved using the spinner to collect the presents from Santa’s workshop but they loved placing the presents in the rooftop slots the most. I liked the fact that each child had one present each from Santa which is something we tell the girls. Santa only brings them one present each otherwise he wouldn’t have enough for all of the children.

This game was a huge hit and is definitely something I would recommend to any family wanting to get in the mood or who wants something great to play on Christmas day.