HABA – 75th anniversary – Fabric Miniland baby ball


Haba are a popular toy brand in our house, I love their soft baby toys and their use of different fabrics and textures so I was looking forward to testing out the Haba Miniland Fabric Ball with my nine month old daughter.

The toy is recommended for children aged 9 months upwards so my little girl is the perfect age for it. This soft ball,with a jingle chime inside, has a road deisgn stitched on to it then a series of soft buildings, cars and trees which are in 3D, extending outwards from the ball, to form a town landscape.

We’ve really loved playing with the ball. My daughter loves to make it jingle,either by patting it or waving it around. The little buildings are great as it makes it easy for the child to pick up. The stitching is really secure so I have no concerns about safety, my little girl is teething at the moment and loves to chomp on the houses and cars.. I really like the mixture of colours and fabrics used, as well as the chime, as this increases the sensory engagement with the toy.

I would recommend this toy for a sitting or crawling baby who is starting to explore and engage with their environment although I don’t think a child older than 18 months would find much to interest them in it.It is a great toy for the 9-18 month age group.