Happy 5th Birthday

Today has been all about making memories.

Elizabeth has not had a good year but the one place guaranteed to put a smile on her face in Butlins.

From pulling in favours from friends and the amazing staff and redcoats at Butlins Elizabeth has had “The best Birthday ever!!!” She couldn’t decide what was the best bit.

Whether it was cooking on stage with Katy Ashworth in the I Can Cook show.

Having Billy, Bonnie and two redcoats come to our apartment bringing cake and presents and having cuddles with them.
It has been a day of highs with no lows and I am so glad that Elizabeth has been off her meds for the past few weeks as it has really enabled her to enjoy her birthday and this break.
I have loads to write about and some fabulous video footage but it will have to wait for another day. For now we are enjoying our time at Butlins and look forward to tomorrow.