GraviTrax Starter Set – Experience the power of gravity

I first saw GraviTrax on the Ravensburger stand at the London Toy Fair and it really stood out to me as something a little bit different. The huge set up on display really showed how each of the different pieces work together to create an incredible track system.  We have been sent the GraviTrax starter set which comes with over 100 pieces.

Suitable for ages 8 plus, the GraviTrax Starter Set is a great way of learning about the laws of physics. When you first open the box it is a little bit daunting as there are lots of pieces to look at but once you get it all laid out then it all starts to make sense.

In the box, you receive 4 cardboard base plates which you need to pop the holes out of the middle of the hexagonal tiles. These are what you use to build your tracks on. You also get 18 pieces of track in 3 different lengths, 6 metal balls, 40 large height hexagonal tiles and 12 small height hexagonal tiles. These form the track essentials to let you raise the height of the track and connect the pieces together.

The track pieces are connected to the white plastic hexagonal tiles. These come in a variety of styles including 21 pieces with curves,3 cross junctions,  2 switch tiles which split the track into two and a 3 in 1 tile which splits the track into 3. You also get the tiles which you can use with the green inserts, these include a freefall, 2 catchers, a splash tile (if a ball falls from above other balls roll out in different directions).  Additional fun pieces include the vortex and the magnetic cannon as well as the finish line which shows the order the balls land. You also get two clear plastic level plates to increase the height of the tracks.

In the Gravi Trax starter set you get some instructions which talk you through how to set up a variety of courses. These start off easy and are a great way of showing you how to build the tracks on multiple levels. There are 9 tracks with full instructions and then a 24 page booklet of tracks to challenge you to build them.

You can also download the GraviTrax app which talks you through a tutorial and then allows you to create your own tracks on the app before testing to see if they work. If your design works then you can then get the app to talk you through step by step instructions to help you to create the ultimate GraviTrax course. I love the fact that this comes with an app as it allows us to test cause and effect without having to keep rebuilding the set and Alison loves the special effects you can give to the balls such as the flame effect. The app is also good as seeing how some of the pieces work that you can by in the extension sets. I also love the fact that the product can be used without needing the app so it works both ways.

The Gravitrax Starter Set has everything you need to build some really detailed tracks. It is a great kit for learning about forces and physics as well engineering and Alison has really enjoyed building a variety of tracks and seeing how they all work.