Making our festival experience more fun and more comfortable

Festival season is coming up and we are getting ready to spend a few weekends camping out at various events. The thing is we have always just camped with the essentials. A tiny 4 person tent, sleeping bags and a gas stove just big enough for my kettle really are the most basic of camping equipment. This year we decided that we needed to embrace the outdoors and to help to make our festival experience more fun and more comfortable I reached out to various brands to ask them for their recommendations.

We invested in an amazing 12 person pop up tent which is huge and absolutely perfect for us as we like a lot of room. Being able to stand up and move around inside the tent will really improve our whole festival experience and it also means that we have space to get comfortable at night. We were sent this Coleman comfort double airbed which is an inflatable double which has two separate areas which means that you don’t feel all of the movements of the person sleeping on the other side. This will make a big difference to our sleep.

When we were camping previously the one thing my husband complained about was his sleeping bag. I had ensured that both of our girls had nice warm mummy sleeping bags and we just had the cheapest ones I could find. Well, now we both have Eurohike Sleeping Bags so there shouldn’t be any complains. I have a Women’s one which seems to be slightly wider in places and they both feel nice and warm.

When we have been enjoying the festival experience this has involved spending our whole time at the festival and not at our campsite.  We had all of our meals from the food trucks and this added a huge cost to our time there. This year we are taking this foldable picnic furniture set from BuyDirect4U which is brilliant value and perfect for camping. We are also talking our double camping stove with a grill which will be perfect for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner (as well as making a brew) and really help to keep the costs low.

When it comes to safety we always make sure that we all have torches to carry and lanterns in the tent. Varta sent us a great selection to test this year. The Varta lantern has an orange glow which is better for not attracting insects but can also be changed to a white light if needed and the Paul the bear headlamp is great for kids to use when going to the toilet at night.

We were sent a selection of gifts from Rex London to give to my girls. They sent some glow in the dark tattoos and some metallic tattoos as well as some storage containers and some laundry bags to help keep their clothes dry and organised.

When it comes to fun at a festival there is nothing that says festival experience as much as bubbles. Gazillion sent us a variety of products to take with us including some crazy wands which look hilarious.

If you are looking for something to keep the kids occupied when camping then the Playmobil Summer Campervan is a great playset to get the imaginations going. The Campervan comes with so many fantastic features such as a toilet and shower as well as plates and other accessories. It is a great set that all come together for easy storage.

To make the whole festival experience complete it is time to look at cleanliness and a decent soap and hand sanitizer is essential to happy camping. We were sent a selection of Dr Bronner‘s products and I love the smell of the lavender hand sanitizer.

All of these items were sent to us to help to improve our festival experience. Thank you to all the companies involved.