Going Undercover

Hubby has been desperate to get home from our holiday so he can play with his new toy that arrived just before we went.

I wrote about our surprise parcel and how happy it made him but nothing has compared to seeing him actually get to play the nintendo Wii U. It is like having another child in the house and I have to say I am pretty impressed myself. The Lego City Undercover game that came with it is fantastic and is a whole world that you can explore so you don’t have to just complete missions. Running around as Chase McCain and changing outfits depending on the situation is fantastic fun. The story goes that Chase has been called back into Lego City by the Mayor to infiltrate Rex Fury’s gang and find out why the city is in the throes of a crime spree.

The Wii U Game pad is an amazing gadget in this game with it turning into a communicator, GPS device, crime scanner and camera.

Personally I love the Wii U and the Lego City undercover game and I can’t wait to see what other games come out.

Elizabeth and Alison have also had a chance to play on the Wii U but they have preferred to play Nintendo Land. A great game with 12 mini games inside that are ideal for younger kids to have a go at. You can play in teams, against each other or by yourself Elizabeth has really enjoyed playing this and has even managed to get the game pad away from Daddy occasionally.