Getting outside with Wicked Toys

Getting outside and doing exercise has never been so important so we were over the moon to receive a selection of items from Wicked that will help me get my girls active. Wicked create a fantastic range of items that really vary in price and are all great quality.

We received the following Wicked Products

Body Bubble Ball 

There are a lot of fights over who gets to be inside this so it would have been great to have two so you can bash into each other. Even I can fit inside! You can bounce off things or people and generally get up to lots of fun inside one of these.

Mega Bounce XTR ball

This ball was amazing, it bounced really high on every surface we tried it on. I say was as our dog got hold of it and sadly it is not dog proof. Within a minute it was full of holes and sadly won’t bounce properly anymore. So great bouncy ball but not if you have a dog!

Mega Jump single jump rope

This is a great skipping rope that is 300cm long and fully adjustable. I wasn’t sure if my girls would use it as they have never really been that into skipping before but this is actually the most used product out of all of them.

Indoor Booma Boomerang

This foam boomerang is easily adjusted to change how it flies. Great for indoors if you don’t have any breakables the Indoor Booma is really light so won’t damage things it hits as long as it doesn’t knock them off. We did use this outside in the garden as well but this needs to be on a very still day with no wind to really work. I enjoyed twisting the foam to see the different ways that it flies and explaining this to my girls who were fascinated (great physics lesson there).

Sky Rider Pro Flying Disc

I will be honest I have never been very good at throwing a flying disc but the Sky Rider Pro is brilliant. We have been able to throw it straight and to each other on most occasions with only a little bit of training at the beginning. Our dog also loves running after it and bringing it back to us. Throwing this between us has been one of our favourite past times during the good weather.

Duncan Wheels YoYo

Ok so my husband has definitely had more fun with this than the girls but he has been showing them how to do some of the tricks he learnt as a kid. The Wheels YoYo has a transaxle for longer spin times making it perfect for performing tricks. He has certainly been enjoying himself with it, I, on the other hand, am useless with a YoYo so I haven’t even tried. Duncan YoYo’s are distributed by Wicked in the UK.


These Wicked products have been perfect for playing in the garden in this gorgeous spring weather we have been having.