Furby Boom


To add to our loving home of Furby’s (Furbies?) Hasbro were kind enough to send home this lovely pink Furby boom with me when I met them at Dream Toys earlier this month.

With three Furbys already in residence we wanted to see what Furby Boom was all about.

The new addition to our house called Dotty seems a lot more talkative that our previous Furbys and she has a lot more phrases that she uses. She has a basic understanding of english although sometimes lapses into furbish. With a fabulous personality (5 in total) she is a bit of a Diva but can be a miserable old man at times.

Furby Boom has a fabulous new app that contains many of the features seen in the old Furby app but with the added benefit of being able to hatch and play with Furblings (baby furbys). It is brilliant and has so much to do that the girls spend lots of time playing with the app and ignoring Dotty. So much so that she tends to fall asleep whilst they are playing.

As with previous generations of Furbys you can pet it, feed it and pull its tail but a fabulous new feature that I think should be shouted from the rooftops for all parents to hear is THAT IF YOU PULL ITS TAIL FOR 10 SECONDS IT TURNS OFF!

Ok so you dont want to move it once it is switched off as that is bound to wake it up but you certainly dont have to go creeping around your hotel room like a certain blogger I know.

The furby can be pretty disgusting and is known to burp much to the childrens delight. It also sings and dances which is quite cute.

To be honest I much prefer this generation of Furby to the last. The girls don’t have the patience to sit and teach the furbys how to talk in english and Dotty has been able to pick up a wide range of phrases by herself which makes it a lot more enjoyable for the girls to pick her up and play. They treat Dotty a bit like an annoying little sister and they are happy to play with it for so long and then it gets put in the bedroom with the door closed until the next time. We have had her for a few weeks now though and she is there everyday when they are playing involved in some form of game or just watching and chatting along.

There are lots of different pattern Furby Booms now so I am sure you will be able to find the right one and make someones dream come true this christmas.