USB cup warmer


Are you a computer lover? do you sit on your laptop or computer all day and only ever drink a cold cup of coffee? If you answered yes to those then this is the answer!

A USB cup warmer! Ok so I had to downgrade the size of my cup (I usually have a mahoosive cup) but the cup warmer did as it was supposed to do and it kept my coffee warm. in fact even after 45 minutes (I was timing) my coffee was still lovely and warm.

I wouldnt recommend touching the cup warmer on the warming plate to check its temperature though, I have a lovely burn mark on my finger tip to prove it gets nice and hot.

Drinking a cup of coffee whilst it is still warm will no longer be a luxury, it will become a reality! gifted me this lovely USB cup warmer and the amazing feeling of hot coffee slipping down my throat at all times. for that I am eternally grateful and for less than £4 you cant afford not to have one of these. I promise you it will change your life 🙂