Foameez – something different

When we were at Camp Bestival the girls were absolutely obsessed with bubbles. We had bubble wands, bubble guns, small bottles of bubbles  and even a battery powered bubble machine but by the time we were packing for Just So Festival they were a bit bubbled out.

A few days before they were watching tv and an advert came on for Foameez and they begged me to get some for them. Lucky for my kids I knew exactly who to contact and just a few days later we received a few of the different Foameez characters in the post.

Foameez are a really simple concept which produces fantastic results. Attach the animal head to the bottle of bubbles, insert the straw, turn upside down briefly to wet the animals tongue and blow. The results had random kids screaming in delight.


Now I do have a few tips.

If the tongue comes out, remove the top part of the head, remove the rubber seal, reinsert the material tongue and put back together. Do not try and put it back on without taking the top of the head off or you will be there a while, believe me I tried!

On the straw it has a line that says insert to here. Do not try and insert the straw into the Foameez up to that point. It doesnt work, I tried. This line is where you need your lips to go.

Do not blow into your Foameez before wetting the tongue, it doesn’t work, you will just get frustrated and out of breathe. I know, I tried.

Basically the moral of the story is although it looks simple enough, read the instructions because they really are there for a reason!

The girls love their Foameez and other random children seem to love them too.