A Summer of Lego

With the British summer being the way it is we knew that we would have to find things to do on all of those wet and windy days and lucky for us as Lego bloggers we had some pretty awesome sets to build over the summer holidays
First up was this absolutely fantastic Star Wars Death Star Final Duel set which featured Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine as well as two guards.

I have to say I really geeked out with this set and if there was ever a reason to get the kragle out then this would be the set I used it on. In fact, any of the Star Wars sets really. I just wish I had somewhere to store them all where the kids can’t get them but where I can look at them in all their loveliness. This set features an extendable walkway, collapsible railings and a pop up light saber!

Next up it was one for the kids with this Minecraft cave set that also includes some inspiration to build your own creations.
Minecraft is like the most important thing in the world to my kids and whether they are playing it on the ipad, the PS4, playing with the figures or watching other people play it on youtube there is not a waking hour outside school when they don’t talk about it. They absolutely love this Lego Minecraft set and the fact that they could take it apart and build a different piece of scenery is something they have both enjoyed. They love having the two zombies and the mini zombie in the cage as well as the main character (Steve?). They now want us to get even more Lego Minecraft sets.
We had never seen any of the Scooby Doo lego so we really enjoyed building the Mummy Museum Mystery. We all love Scooby Doo and the figures in this set are great.
Although only a small set the Mummy Museum Mystery set has lots of interactive bits to play with including a hidden gem chamber and a lift up sarcophagus.
The last set of the Summer holidays was the amazing Lego Ninjago Sensei Wu’s dragon.
This Lego Ninjago set features a fully articulated dragon, the entrance to the tea shop, the ghost cart and loads of figures. You get Sensei Wu and Cole as a Ghost Ninja as well as some of the bad guys featured in the Masters of Spinjitzu series.

The girls really liked this set but it was too complicated for them to build the dragon so I had to do it for them. It is a great set to play with as the dragon has so many moving parts which  make it more realistic.

We had an amazing Summer of Lego and we have even more to share with you soon!