Fingerlings Playset – Monkey bar and swing

Fingerlings are one of the hottest toys available this year with shops everywhere struggling with demand. One of the ways around this is to lookout for the Fingerlings Play sets. I saw quite a few about a week ago in our local Entertainer toy shop so if you can’t find them online do make sure you check in stores. Also do be careful if you are buying online as there are a lot of fake Fingerlings currently on the market and they are nowhere near as good and could be potential hazardous as they will not have the same safety checks as the official Wowwee ones.

Anyway now I have got that warning out of the way I wanted to show you the new Fingerlings Monkey Bar and Swing play set. This Play set comes with Fingerlings Liv who is only available as part of this set.

The Fingerlings play set is recommended for children aged 5 plus and comes in the box in a few pieces but they all clip together (and come apart) easily so you can play with it and then store it back in the box for another day.

If you have never seen a Fingerling these super cute finger monkeys have a microphone, touch and movement sensors so they can respond to sound and movement as well as when they are being stroked. They move their heads and make cute noises and are basically loved by everyone who plays with them (grown ups included).

The play set is ideal for the little fingerling monkeys to swing on as their tails are curled so they can hang upside down.

They can also sit in the seat at the top or in the swing which have been designed to hold them steady and allow their tails to drop down.

We think Fingerlings are adorable and I can imagine they will be appearing on a lot of children’s Christmas lists this year so make sure you don’t miss out and grab one soon before they have all swung of to their new homes.